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Why choose Hardwood Floor over Carpet Floor

Flooring is one of the biggest decisions a home or office owner had to make in order to give a perfect and exquisite look to the place. People often get confused between the two widely available options of flooring i.e. hardwood flooring and carpet flooring.

Below we have discussed a few points which make hardwood flooring stands out better than Carpet flooring.

Maintenance – Hardwood floor is easy to wipe and clean. There is no worry of getting it stained whereas in carpet flooring the stains can soak in and may leave a permanent stain mark.

Nature friendly-Hardwood floors are made of planks milled from a single piece of timber and are ecologically friendly which have a soothing feel in contrast carpets are usually made of synthetic fibers of nylon, polyester or polypropylene.

Allergies-Due to its “easy to clean” feature hardwood floor is more popular especially for the home having babies in their home. The carpets are more prone to accumulate more dust particles and microbes which result in allergies and infections.

Durable – In every few years’ carpet has to be changed which cost too much investment. While the hardwood flooring can last up to decades if they are properly maintained and taken due care.

Flexible – If you want to ripe some of the benefits of the soft floor you can always put a rug in that particular room in hardwood flooring. While in contrast if carpet flooring is installed no alterations can be done.

Remodel – If with the passage of time or by any physical trauma the floor gets damaged, it can be refinished to look like a new. Remodeling includes removing the damaged layer and polishing the surface for luster. Depending upon the thickness of the floor this process can be repeated many times over the life of the floor.

Timeless– Hardwood flooring never loses its spark due to easy blending with various colors. Hardwood flooring can always handle new home decor trends and numerous accessories for giving the place an elegant look.

Lifestyle– For today’s fast and rushing life hardwood floors are a more suitable option of flooring as they are easy to clean and maintain. In reverse, carpet flooring needs more precautions and care.

Reshuffle– The furniture can be easily reorganized, displaced and arranged on hardwood flooring without any efforts to change the interior looks. In contrary, if the floor is not fully covered with carpet reshuffling of the furniture is a tedious task.

It is quite clear after comparing hardwood and carpets flooring that hardware flooring is far more convenient and ease.  Hardwood flooring gives an aesthetic and prestigious look to the home. It enhances the beauty and functionality of the place. Hardware flooring has a number of other benefits other than adding charm and beauty to the place. The re-sale price of the hardware flooring is good as compared to the carpet flooring. For giving the place a calming and personalized glance, neutral colors are the best.

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