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Choosing Right Floors for your Home

Picking up the right kind of flooring material can be little unnerving at many times. With a wide spectrum of materials available to choose, we all depend upon the quality of the material, ease of installation and pricing for choosing the flooring.
Here we have discussed the pros and cons of different flooring materials available in the market.

Hardwood floor 

Hardwood floor is a traditional as well as a most popular type of flooring. It is preferred because of the aesthetic look and ease of maintenance. In hardwood flooring, you have different options’ of texture, color and width to select from. It is best to be placed in living rooms to give a look of elegance and lavishness. On the downside, it is noisy to walk on and is hard for feet’s.


Laminate flooring as the name suggests is made up of different wood materials with the grained photographic imprint as the top layer. It is affordable and cheaper than hardwood flooring. It is best to use in foyer and living and worst for wet areas such as kitchen and bathrooms.


Cork is a natural friendly alternative to flooring. An additional feature available with cork is honeycomb which has a cellular structure for giving a soft feel to the feet. Cork does not absorb humidity and has non-slippery surface. It is good for the bathrooms and kitchens.


Tile is a versatile type of flooring having a number of wide options to choose from. Tiles are best suitable for almost every room of the home due to its availability in different colors, shape and sizes. Tiles are less expensive and long lasting. Tiles are of different materials such as marble, porcelain, slate and granite can be used for decorating. The only con is it is very hard to repair if damaged.


Vinyl flooring is a popular choice for the areas which are prone to moisture. In the basements, kitchens and bathrooms it is best suited. Due to frequent dents and tears, precautions need to be taken with Vinyl flooring. As a good sound absorber, it is a perfect fit for the laundry.


Carpet is soft and warm to walk on. It gives an inviting and cozy look to the room. Carpet flooring is easy to install and is it cheaper than any other flooring. But carpet needs regular vacuuming and cleaning for making it look fresh. Carpet is not for the people prone to allergies and it is not advisable for the dining space. It is a good option for kids’ room.


Stone flooring is thick and strong. Due to the features of good water and moisture resistance, it can be used for a long time.

Flooring is a vital part of the decoration. It should be properly selected after assessing the requirements of the place as well as the owner. Flooring too depends upon the lifestyle, comfort and amount of money you want to spend over it. If you still are in turmoil of making the decision, then it’s better to take the advice of a professionally expert interior designer.

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