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Amazing wood Flooring is one of the finest providers of high-quality hardwood services in the Jersey Shore area today. This is why it is not surprising to hear and see people raving about the excellent results they got from us.
This simply means that everyone who is involved in the business has the knowledge and skills as well as the fullest understanding most especially when it comes to wood floor installation. In short, all the people behind this company are specialists in hardwood floors.

Dustless sanding and refinishing

We offer Dustless Sanding when floors have lost their original color. With our 99.9% Dust Free Sanding System virtually all airborne dust is sucked into a large vacuum system which collects the sanding dust in an exterior vacuum outside your home. Wood dust is a carcinogen and can be harmful to anyone with allergies and asthma. Dust free technology allows us to resand your floors without the usual mess while protecting your family and personal belongings. Some homes still have hardwood floors that were installed two hundred years ago! Investing in hardwood floor sanding can extend the life of your floors and add value to your home.

Flooring Installations

This is a kind of service where u are allowed to pick the kind of wood species, color, and layout of your hardwood floors. With this, you are assured that your room becomes more appealing and attractive. We can remove your carpet and install beautiful hardwood flooring that will last. Another benefit to hardwood flooring, is they are easy to clean. Call our New Jersey hardwood flooring experts at +1 908-907-4217 to find out how we can transform your home with new floors.



If you want a flawless floor, then a New Jersey floor technician can help. No matter what section of your floor is damaged,a floor repair is always available in most cases without having to pull up a large section of your floors in your home. We repair where there is water damage, broken boards and stain marks, that do not come out on the sanding process. After sanding you wont even know where we repaired making your floors look all new again and never repaired

Dust Containment System

Dust Containment is essential for protecting your health and it's a competitive advantage for our business. We provide Dust Containment System when most competitors don't. our dust containment systems virtually eliminate the nightmare of dust throughout the home, providing healthier working conditions for you and your crew. There is also no time consuming hanging of plastic or costly clean-up, so you are happier and so are your customers.

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